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Why do many men find Slavic women attractive?

Actually, there is no clear answer to whether dating girls from the countries of Eastern Europe will be good for you, but the fact that many Europeans and Americans dream about meeting such a bride is totally indisputable. These women live in such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other Slavic ones. 

Many men from all over the world search for dating platforms that can match them to women living in these countries, due to the reason that these men might be tired of western mentality and want to meet people who are not integrated into it yet. Moreover, some of their reasons are so strong that they are ready to look not only for a short-term partner, but they aim to find Slavic women for marriage. 

The intentions of some males are so solid that they are ready to go to the other country only to meet those girls. If it sounds strange to you, you probably still don’t know the reasons, which are quite considerable. So let’s take a closer look at some aspects that make Slavic women so popular. Are they very different from those we are used to meeting every day? What are their purposes to date foreigners? Is it worth dating them? All the questions are going to be answered in the following abstracts. Keep reading not to miss something important out!

Why you should consider matchmaking with hot Slavic women

hot slavic women

They are very attractive

It would be foolish to claim that the state of beauty depends on one’s nationality or a place of living. All in all, it’s always up to you to define something as attractive or not because it’s all about your personal tastes and preferences. However, if we take into account the well-known standards of attractiveness, most beautiful Slavic women will be second to none in this category. 

That doesn’t mean that there are no beautiful girls among, for example, Chinese or American ones, but in any Slavic country, you will find it simply more easy to meet a female you will take to by her appearance. They are very charming and pretty, and this is what most men pay attention to when having the first sight of a potential partner.

What are the circumstances that make them look so appealing? The answer is that Slavic women, the most beautiful ones included, pay a lot of attention to their looks. Most of them will not go without even the basic preparation. If you come to Ukraine, for instance, be sure to see there among the crowd a girl who will look astonishing even in her casual clothing.

That is why we may claim that Slavic women are beautiful not only because of nature, but mostly because they take a lot of care of how they look. However, natural beauty cannot be disputed as well. That is why many worldwide known brands prefer cooperating with Slavic models and even among the most attractive Hollywood actresses, there are a lot of ones who have Slavic origins. Slavic women are hot! 

They are good friends and companions

When looking for a Slavic woman to have a long-term relationship with, you don’t need only a wife that will satisfy all your needs but also a good and bosom friend who will always support you whatever you face. We cannot talk about every single girl but most of them will find it vital to be always aware of your innermost thoughts and feelings. The preceding features might be quite common for many women from other countries as well but Slavic ones really appreciate what they have and they are able to fully devote themselves to their partners when it’s necessary.

In addition to that, Slavic culture is also about a good sense of humor. It’s hard to say that their jokes are very sophisticated because they take more care of cheerfulness. Slavic girls are used to being cheerful and enthusiastic and they know how to make you laugh when you’re upset and disappointed.

One feature of a good friend is the ability to obey. If a Ukrainian or Russian girl will find that being master in the house is important for you, she won’t dispute this right of yours. However, don’t think that you can play with her as with a mindless girl. They know how to appreciate not only their partners but themselves, too. If you’re too stubborn or harsh in making decisions, they won’t put up with it without expressing their thoughts. 

Even the most traditional Slavic women know what their dignity means to them, and this is probably the main difference between them and women of other Eastern cultures. They can change their roles in the family in accordance with the requirements – when you need a piece of advice and support, they are the best friends; when you can’t make the decision, they do it on their own; when you want to make out, they are amok lovers; when you want to go out, they are sophisticated ladies. 

Family comes first

Maybe this statement is a bit hyperbolic considering modern trends and conditions, but still, most of them really love their families and are ready to sacrifice them for the sake of family members’ well-being. This is especially relevant for women over 30 because they have children. Except for that, even the most beautiful Slavic women are not afraid of doing house chores. That is probably the perfect variant for men looking for a traditional relationship. 

You will find it difficult to achieve with any European or American girl because they are primarily focused on their careers and personal well-being. Modern women of western civilization are not interested in getting married when they are young because they want to devote this time to self-development. Whereas for Slavic women, dating is not a fun adventure, this is a huge responsibility impacting their lives dramatically.  Slavic girls are more traditional and almost every single one dreams about a gorgeous wedding in a white glittering dress.

But don’t expect her to be your mistress or maid. They are extremely active, and self-development is also important for modern brides, so they won’t neglect the opportunity to improve their personal skills and abilities and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s related to the career or not. A true Slavic woman is unstoppable when somebody wants to offend her family as well as her own dignity. That makes them very devoted and reliable partners you can always rely on. Family ties are not empty words for them and you will eventually find out that most of them always keep in touch with relatives wherever they are and whatever the distance between them.

What might be helpful when dating a Slavic girl

hot slavic women

Do not try to pick a woman up

It’s not a secret that Slavic women might be very serious, so they will simply not fancy any attempt to pick them up. If you are a serious man, you should know that it won’t work with women. Maybe, it wouldn’t be so hard to attract a young girl, but women will think that you are a silly clown if you won’t behave seriously, as it’s typical of the men of that culture. It seems that you should know how to talk if you want to succeed because the pickup is a very bad tool in terms of charming a woman. So don’t rely on this method if you don’t want to be ignored.    

Bestow respect to her language, culture, and traditions

When it comes to dating a girl from Eastern European countries, you have to know that Slavic women are very traditional and the vast majority of them respect their customs. Brides are not an exception, so if you want to succeed, try to be respectful even to the things that are extremely unusual for you. You are a foreigner so if you want to go to one of those countries, you are better to learn their language. 

Many young girls know English very well, but they would be glad to date a man who can understand their mother tongue as well. Talking about traditions, it’s vital to mention that Slavic cuisine is amazing and women are keen on cooking. Except for that, in many countries, such as Ukraine, for example, many brides want to have their wedding keeping the traditional style, so if you have serious intentions, it might be a great experience for you.

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