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Get rescued from loneliness with Myspecialdates

There is no wonder that people all around the world start using online dating services more frequently. Given the fact that under current quarantine conditions, social interaction in reality is getting restricted, we are looking for other ways of keeping in touch with others. And there is no better solution to this problem than online dating platforms!

Popularity of cyber dating

Cyber dating wouldn’t be that widespread but for its obvious advantages. Though some people are rather skeptical about an online relationship’s success, true love knows no boundaries no matter where you have found it – either offline or online. Plus, if you choose a reliable dating space like myspecialdates, your virtual relationship will be maximally close to real. So, why become an online dater?

Date whenever and wherever you want

Yes, we know that you are busy: work, urgent projects, gym, occasional meetings with friends… But what about private life? Don’t forget that with a loving woman by your side, you can accomplish much more since she will inspire you! Therefore, become a member of online dating communities and date whenever you can and wherever you want. If you have a mobile device, and you have a mobile phone for sure, good Internet connection, that’s all you need. You may be having lunch and talking to your beautiful girl on another continent!

Geographical borders aren’t critical

myspecialdates online site

Another strong point of online dating is that it goes beyond all the prejudice, be it your potential match’s age, religion, geographical location, or even race. Thanks to the Internet, you can date on the international arena without being condemned or mocked at. For instance, at, you can get acquainted with myriads of amazing Slavic ladies looking for a committed relationship. 

Get to know your potential match better

It is so good to be dating online since you have enough time to learn your match’s personality. How does it happen when you are dating in reality? You ask a woman you hardly know out, to a café, for example, which means that you have to spend a definite sum of money. Just count how much money, time, effort, and nerve you have to waste to learn your date better! This problem disappears if you are gradually discovering each other during cyber dating.

What do I need to become a member?

This is the beauty of the whole process — you need nothing except a passionate desire to change your life for better. And a couple of minutes of your time, of course. Myspecialdates’ Team realizes that every man, despite his age, requires a lovely and supportive woman by his side. That’s why they’ve made a registration process quick and effortless.

So, you can join the platform for free. Awesome, isn’t it? Type in your name, e-mail, birthdate, choose who you want to meet, generate a reliable password to protect your account, and press the «Find my matches» button. That’s it! By these simple steps, you’ve reached two goals simultaneously: joined the site and started looking for a woman of your dreams.

Besides, we recommend that you mention your valid email address. On the one hand, it proves that you aren’t a bot (which means that you promote a secure dating atmosphere on the platform); on the other hand, you will be granted bonus credits for verifying your email. What does it mean for you? Well, it means that you shouldn’t spend a cent to try the site’s service but use those free credits. Quite convenient, we would say.

Why choose exactly Myspecialdates?

myspecialdates online

Undoubtedly, there are many online dating sites, but to reach success, you have to choose the one most suitable for you. Thus, define your goals first. What are you looking for? A lover, a girlfriend, a reliable partner, or perhaps a marriage-material woman? Or maybe you need just a match to talk to on various topics? Whatever the reason you join an online dating service, is a universal solution. Let’s see why.

  • Here, you can get acquainted with 25+ women from Slavic countries. We presume you have heard about these females’ beauty. However, they are known not only for their appearance but inner qualities as well. Faithful, caring, devoted, and trustworthy, Slavic women make great wives, mothers, and life-long partners.
  • Since Slavic beauties pay much attention to self-development, they are always open to novelty. Their innate curiosity makes them learn new things every day, which means that their hobbies are versatile and that they are very interesting interlocutors. So, register on and forget about boring evenings.
  • It’s very easy to search for matches. With their advanced search and matching tools, you don’t need to spend much time swiping thousands of profiles and guessing who matches you the best. Just set your preferable parameters and press the button to get quick results.
  • Excellent communication options that facilitate virtual communication. Here belong instant chat messages and letters, a possibility to attach video and audio files, send pictures and real gifts, make a contact details request, and even set up a personal meeting! We find the last point especially nice since it debunks the myth that an online relationship can’t become real.

The main rule to succeed

The review of this platform would be incomplete without mentioning one of the most essential points concerning successful online experience. We are talking about your online dating profile. Since this is your business card in the world of cyber dating, you should try to complete your profile as thoroughly as possible. Why is that so important? The answer is pretty simple. For women, it means that your intentions are serious and you are looking for creating a meaningful bond. So, how does Myspecialdates make this step easier for you?

Clear structure

Once you are at your profile section, you will see that the fields to be completed are neatly organized. So, you are asked to mention your marital status, education, religion, the presence of children, profession, hobbies, habits, expectations from staying on the site. To make your profile even more catching (remember that you have too many male rivals struggling to find a woman), tell more about yourself in the appropriate section. Here, you may mention the things that distinguish you from others and display your sense of humor.

Be sincere about your goals

Completing this step, you are welcome to give a detailed description of your dream woman. Describe both her physical characteristics and life values to make sure that your potential match is close to you on a spiritual level. As the saying goes, love is not looking at each other, but in the same direction. Since all the ladies on the site are very beautiful, looking for a woman with a rich innate world seems a great idea.

Other noteworthy points

To make your profile a good read, bear in mind the following points as well. Your speech should be respectful, without spelling or grammatical mistakes. Don’t use slang words or rude expressions to make an impression of a brutal macho. It’s not a Hollywood picture, is it? Then, always tell the truth about yourself and your desires. Don’t mislead a woman you like just to earn some extra points and disappoint her later on. Honesty is the basis for a meaningful relationship, remember that.

Payments, security, and scam

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Yes, we know that all cyber daters worry about these issues since the Internet has become a perfect spot for scammers and cyber fraudsters long ago. However, reliable dating services do everything possible to make their users’ online dating experience safe since they do care about their reputation. Thus, what measures does take to protect you?

  • manual profiles’ verification;
  • encryption protocols protecting your financial details (the site functions in the basis of credit system, which means that you buy credits to perform definite actions on the site);
  • constant monitoring of activities on the site;
  • the Support Team is at your disposal 24×7 — should you notice something suspicious, inform them asap.

Also, keep in mind that in order not to fall victim to fraudsters, you should be very careful and remain cool-headed while communicating with a definite lady. Pay attention to the things your talks revolve around and whether she isn’t trying to fool you asking for money or precious gifts. Remember that no decent woman respecting herself will ask for that. Then, take as much time as you need to learn that woman better and decide if she is worthy of gifts you may want to send her.

The bottom line

No matter how old you are and whether you have experience in online dating, you should try Myspecialdates. Due to the simplicity of usage and a vast number of potential matches, you will definitely meet a Slavic girl that suits you the most. Just be respectful, patient, and kind, and she will be yours!

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