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An inside look into exclusive dating

If you are not looking into casual flings and would like to make your love life more stable and dependable, it might mean that you are ready for an exclusive dating experience. It would suit you if you consider yourself to be rather mature and see yourself with a person of the same kind besides you. Let us dive a little into the exclusive dating meaning and significance.

What is exclusive dating and whom it is for

Exclusive dating means that you have it set with your partner that neither of you is at that moment open to seeing other people. It comes not as a burden, but rather as a secure settlement, a sign that you are satisfied with your current relationship.

When an exclusive dating arrangement is made, you both start counting with the fact that you are a part of a serious relationship and in your particular couple it is rather not welcomed to focus on other potential partners. It is a traditional approach, and sometimes people assume that it goes without saying that when you start dating, it should be exclusive.

However, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, it’s always better to define these things with your significant other as you might turn out to be more conservative than them and vice versa. If you are both keen on the idea of being one another’s only ones, you can move on to the committed stage of the relationship.

You can proclaim that you expect exclusiveness on the early stage of your dating if you feel like you cannot tolerate your partner having other flings in their life. You should keep in mind that the other person might or might not meet this information with enthusiasm, depending on their worldview at the moment.

How do you know you are ready for exclusive dating?

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Whether you already have a casual relationship that you want to move to another level or you are single but want to start off something that requires commitment, you should probably perform a self-check and see if exclusive dating is really what you are looking for.

First, you would need to sort out how you see your relationships and if the feeling that you should date exclusively is not just a way to protect your other feelings such as fear of abandonment.  Try to go through your psychological issues and precautions carefully and thoughtfully. If you already have a partner, it would be best to involve them in the process.

The key is to sort out troubles you might have with yourself, potential jealousy or the need to protect your relationships from falling apart by choosing exclusive dating. Of course, that must not necessarily be the case, however, working through yourself is always helpful and needs to be done regularly.

If you do not have any issues with anyone, meaning that you do not see any threat in your partner’s (current or potential) social circle, but instead you just want a higher level of relationship, that means you can safely dive into exclusive dating.

Finding a soulmate online

In order to get into proper exclusive dating, you need to find the right person first. Try following the next few steps that just might help you get acquainted with someone special. There are some reasons you might want to do it on the Internet, so take a look and decide for yourself.

Select a service and create a profile

There are many exclusive dating services on the Internet and even more of those that do not have any field that they specialize in. You can select one according to your preferences in terms of designs and usability, there is no point in searching for a significant other if the process is highly unpleasant. 

There are services that offer strictly international relationships or go straight into marriage. There are also those created for people just to casually meet each other and have fun without any commitment. There are also places where all of those are combined, and the advantage is that there are usually more people, however, you should be a lot more specific about what you are looking for and filter out people who do not match your point of view and would not be the target audience for exclusive dating sites.

When you already choose the website for exclusive dating, you should create a profile and fill out the requested fields. Depending on how well you do on that step, you will find people more or less compatible with you. It is better not to lie, let your potential partner know that you are looking for serious, committed and exclusive dating. If you are looking for someone special, generally, it’s a better advertisement if they see that your intentions are mature. However, it’s also better to avoid being overly serious. Showcasing your sense of humour is also vital, because it will attract people who see the world similarly and it’s always easier to be with someone you can share a laugh with.

Starting a conversation

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When you see someone you like, depending on the service’s system, you should somehow let them know that you are attracted to them. At first, most impressions form out of primary physical attraction, so it’s not quite reasonable to state that you are looking for an exclusive relationship arrangement right away. 

You can start off something casual, that’s where looking into a person’s profile would help. Try reading into their information, find something that you can ask or joke around with them. This will help the person associate you with a pleasant joyful feeling, therefore increasing your chances of being remembered better.

Over time, you can dig deeper and explore each other’s personalities more thoroughly. Be as open as you can while keeping it civil and reasonable. Every meaningful communication brings you together, so the other person becomes more likely to consider you as their stable partner and takes the possibility of exclusive dating under review.

Level up your communication

If you build up your communication properly, moving your relationship to another level and clearing the fact that you would both like commitment should come more or less naturally. There is a fine line, however, between being open and honest with the other person about your expectations and making them uncomfortable with your persistence.

You should mind your potential partner’s attitude towards you and your relationship that is just beginning to blossom. If you both communicate, even if only on the web, your exclusive online dating experience becomes a joy for both of you.

Go around personal topics more, show that you care, remember little details and things they find important, and you will see how you become soulmates without any effort. And when you feel like you can tell that person anything, you can start stating that you would like it if you both would focus only on each other in a romantic way. 

Keeping your relationship afloat

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After you have already defined the interaction you have with each other as exclusive dating, the most important thing is maintaining the relationship and making sure the sparkle is always there. You might not even notice how after some time you get used to each other to the point of boredom and that affects and changes your relationship drastically in a negative way.

It is quite hard to do if you see each other online only, but it is still possible. You should definitely try video calls, online surfing together, synchronized movie marathons, etc. Lately, online exhibitions became quite a thing, so you just might find the two of you together virtually exploring Louvre or New York’s Museum of Modern Art. 

You should also remember to grow as a person and evolve yourself in order to live more fully and that will automatically keep your significant other constantly attracted to you. This way, there will be less possibility of you both breaking promises and shifting aside from your exclusive dating arrangement. 

Is exclusive dating worth going for it?

If you are in doubt about your personal life, you should definitely try different options, including exclusive dating. You might find out it suits you just fine and find happiness with another person, not needing any other romantic interaction.

It is just required to keep your partner in the know about what is going on between you and what you personally expect from your relationship, disregarding whether you met in a bar or on an exclusive dating website. 

If you can both keep the passion for life alive in each other, that means you have found the right person and they are worth keeping. Try also being that person for them so that their life becomes brighter. If you feel that it is definitely not for you at this moment in life, it’s also important to be open about it, because lurking from the answer just makes more people hurt, and if you communicate properly, you will end up with just the thing that makes you most happy.

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